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We are delighted to present to you the next installment of our #WorkoftheWeek series, showcasing a work by Günther Förg. 

Born in 1952, Förg first taught at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe and was then appointed professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 1999, thereby returning to his alma mater. Only after his death in 2013 his work received highly-deserved critical acclaim, culminating in a retrospective at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and the Dallas Museum of Art, Texas in 2018-19.  

Untitled was executed in 1996 in gouache on light cardboard. The hard-edged, vertical composition is reminiscent of Barnett Newman and was frequently used by Förg in his iconic paintings on lead. Förg did not try to conceal his inspirations, but distilled the heritage of modern art into his own visual language. He purposely allowed for painterly imperfections, evoking signs of human touch and stressing the man-made nature of art. Rather than pursuing perfect execution of his work, Förg created proximity and participation of viewer through tactile sensibility. 

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Günther Förg
(Füssen 1952 – 2013 Freiburg im Breisgau)

Untitled, 1996
Gouache on light cardboard
50 x 35 cm, in original artist frame
Signed and dated upper right: Förg 96
Archive of Günther Förg No. WVF.96.P.0916


Günther Förg (Füssen 1952 – 2013 Freiburg im Breisgau) has been acknowledged as one of the most significant German artists of the post-war generation. In his oeuvre, Förg deals with the heritage of modern art by giving the viewer visual references to previous modern masters. Through an apparently insouciant execution, leaving slight imperfections and therefore evoking signs of human touch, the artist breaks the shining surface of modernism, making us aware of the ubiquity of the past and our relation to it. The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the Dallas Museum of Art, Texas, have dedicated the major solo retrospective ‘A Fragile Beauty’ to Günther Förg recently (2018-19).